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Why Choose InVisitRx?

The company's unique selling offer comprises InVisitRx's all-inclusive turnkey solution, state-of-the-art web-based medication furnishing technology, and unrivaled attention to providing excellent customer care. An end user of a turnkey solution merely needs to "turn the key" to activate the system.

Cash & Carry Furnishing

Collect payment from patients as they leave your clinic and provide medications there.

Workers’ Comp Furnishing

Worker's compensation insurance can be billed for medications given at the point of service.

Inventory Management

Control the availability of all medications supplied to patients in real-time.

About Us

With the help of InVisitRx, a pharmacy services company, healthcare professionals may give their patients quick and easy access to prescriptions via mail or straight from the doctor's office. Doctors and other medical practitioners can now use InVisitRx, a provider of complete pharmaceutical furnishing solutions, to avoid sending patients to a pharmacy. By making medications more readily available, private, and reasonably priced, medication supplied via InVisitRx increases revenue, patient satisfaction, and prescription adherence rates.

As your preferred complete pharmacy, we aim for complete openness and compliance. Join a business that will help your initiative at every level, from implementation to operation to continuing program support. Together with you and your staff, InvisitRx works to provide a seamless and all-inclusive solution for all of your patients' pharmaceutical dispensing needs.

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With the aid of InVisitRx's complete physician medication furnishing platform, which comes with several unique features, our customers operate the smoothest, most effective, compliant, and most profitable in-office prescription Physician dispensing services conceivable. We take great pride in removing obstacles to starting a medication dispensing furnishing program, streamlining the medication furnishing process for our clients, and providing a win-win solution for doctors and their patients.

Turnkey Furnishing Solution

You can run a streamlined, profitable medication furnishing operation with InVisitRx's prepackaged pharmaceuticals, web-based software, label printer, and scanner.

Efficient Utilization Of Resources

Less time of physician and other staff will be devoted to non-revenue related activities such as pharmacy call backs, clarifications, and formulary substitutions.

Large Medication Formulary

With InVisitRx, picking your most commonly prescribed medications is a simple because of the wide variety of branded and generic medications accessible in a wide range of dosages & quantities.

Real-Time Inventory Management

With the web-based medication furnishing software provided by InVisitRx, you are able to view at any time the precise quantity of stock you own.

Best-In-Class Customer Service

Whether troubleshooting medicine or software issues or providing proactive medication furnishing tips, we go the extra mile for our consumers.

Fast & Free Shipping

After you place an order with us, we will ensure that your medication is delivered to your place of practice, and we will make every effort to fulfil local orders on the same day if possible.


Discover the fundamentals of physician medication furnishing at the point of care, including the advantages for providers and patients and the furnishing rules by state.


Find out how the process of delivering medications at the point of care really works, how it may be implemented in your clinic, and where to begin.

At the moment of treatment, a physician or another staff member at the clinic can fill a patient's prescription so that the patient can take the medication with them when they leave. This is known as "physician in-office furnishing" (as opposed to administering in the office).


Healthcare providers can benefit from in-office pharmaceutical furnishing in several ways, including higher income and profits, increased staff productivity, and improved patient outcomes.

Picking a company to handle your benefits administration is becoming an increasingly weighty matter. When assessing potential vendors, benefits managers must think about a wide range of factors, such as rising health care costs, the ACA's uncertain future, the rise of voluntary benefits, the prevalence of cyberattacks, and the growing expectation that they provide stakeholders with consumer-grade technologies.


The furnishing of pharmaceuticals at the point of service results in significant time and cost savings when compared to the practice of having customers pick up their prescriptions at the pharmacy. This is because the furnishing of pharmaceuticals at the point of service takes place immediately after the service is rendered. This is due to the fact that the practice requires a significant amount of time.

Patients gain a significant amount of advantage in a number of major categories when their medications are delivered in the office. These four primary areas include convenience, cost, compliance, and privacy. Patients can also benefit from having their prescriptions filled in the convenience of their physician's practice.


Furnishing medications is governed in different ways by different jurisdictions. Get the lowdown on what your state calls for with the assistance of InVisitRx.

The Furnishing of medications by physicians is governed at the state level, where regulations might vary widely. The American Medical Association has issued a statement of policy supporting the "freedom to administer drugs and devices where it is in the best interest of the patient and complies with AMA's ethical guidelines."


The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of the United States of America is the government agency that is in charge of determining the labeling requirements for drugs that require a prescription. There are some situations in which the regulations of some states give additional support for these federal criteria.

Find out more about the FDA and state regulations that must be met for the labeling of prescription medications.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have any questions? Go through our FAQs section to find more about InVisitRx.

  • What are the advantages to InVisitRx medication furnishing software?

    Our web based software program was created to streamline the process of furnishing medication. The software is a user friendly system that makes it possible for practices to furnish prepackaged medications quickly and easily. Some advantages to our software include the following: manage, order, track and furnish drugs right from your desktop. A simple internet connection ensures all drug information and up-to-date, accurate pricing. InVisitRx Medication Furnishing Solutions offers our web based solution free of charge to our customers.

  • InVisitRx offers facility of furnishing all drugs to patients. Also, we offer flexible formularies, brands as well as generic medications.

  • For the storage of prepackaged medications, FDA regulations stipulate the need for a locked cabinet or drawer.

  • Patient convenience and affordability are the top two reasons. Patients often appreciate physician medication furnishing because they can avoid a trip to the pharmacy as well as the need to wait for their prescription to be filled. Patients often save money by obtaining their prescription at the doctor’s office versus the pharmacy. Patient compliance and confidentiality of the in-office medication furnishing are other benefits.

  • It is at your discretion to determine the price charged to your patients for the medication. Taking that into consideration, most patients save time and money as a result of in-office medication furnishing by eliminating the separate trip to their local pharmacy. In-office medication furnishing is a growing ancillary program for many practices and a great way to increase revenues. Many providers are recognizing the ability to meet patient needs through physician medication furnishing as a compliment to their patient-physician relationships. The program itself is quite simple and medication furnishing can be done quickly. In-office medication furnishing can save you and your staff time on the phone with local pharmacies from fielding common questions about prescriptions, handwriting, and patient verification to name a few.

  • The cost of all equipment, installation and setup fee is zero. We'll finance your goods, give you hardware and software), and increase your cash flow. Get in touch with us if you have any questions, want a free consultation, or are ready to start immediately.


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